Orascoptic™ surgical and dental loupes perform better than the competition.

But don't take our word for it.

The difference is striking. In a series of third-party lab tests, Orascoptic's HDL™ 2.5x Macro loupes consistently outperformed the competition with superior combined scores for field width, field depth, resolution and light transmission. Most notably, our scores were outstanding in the areas that contribute most to image clarity. When it comes to the loupes you use for patient care, don't settle for anything less than the best. Schedule a sales demo by using the form on this page.




Resolution is essential when selecting the loupe that best matches your need. High resolution loupes provide enhanced visual acuity, allowing clinicians to distinguish critical details often overlooked by the naked eye. When searching for the ideal loupe, top clinicians seek crisp images with edge-to-edge clarity – and Orascoptic loupes deliver the clearest image quality in the industry.

Orascoptic’s Optical Resolution Is…

  • • 125% better than Manufacturer A
  • • 26% better than Manufacturer B
  • • 12% better than Manufacturer C


Light Transmission

There is a direct correlation between the quality of the light transmission in your loupes and the brightness of the image you see.The greater the light transmission, the brighter the image, and the brighter the image, the more detail you'll see. Light transmission coupled with resolution enhances image clarity. Don't settle for inferior light transmission. Orascoptic loupes are proven to have best in class light transmission compared to top competitors.

Orascoptic’s Light Transmission Is…

  • • 40% higher than Manufacturer A
  • • 22% higher than Manufacturer B
  • • 14% higher than Manufacturer C


Did you know? As our eyes age, less light reaches our retinas. Orascoptic loupes have greater light transmission which allows you to maintain a high level of clarity and detail as you progress in your career!

Field Width

Field width refers to the size of the operating site when viewed through the telescopes. A larger field width makes it easier to transition instruments into the field of view. Testing results confirm that Orascoptic loupes offer better field width than some of our top competitors, including Manufacturer A and Manufacturer B.

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