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Beauty Seen Clearly

Position yourself above the rest with custom-fit loupes for all precision cosmetic work. Orascoptic loupes will take you to the next level by enabling you to see the unseen, practice ergonomically and to excel at your craft. 


Don't Miss Even the Smallest Detail 

As a beauty professional, you know the level of precision and accuracy you need to be successful does not come easily. Use the industry's clearest magnification loupes to increase and maximize your results. 


Beauty Starts With You

Proper magnification is the key to good ergonomic health. Loupes enable you to adjust your form and improve your posture which, in turn will improve your practice.

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Kelly Morrissy, Oak Park, IL

“I’ve been doing Electrolysis since 1996, when I first started we used a magnifier lamp and by the end of the day I would have headaches and my vision would be blurry and then several years later I found Orascoptic loupes. They are the clearest and the sharpest. I’ve had several types of them over the years and I still use all of them for different reasons and think they are just top notch.”