See the difference in TruColor™.

TruColor is Orascoptic's pioneering technology. Vibrant CRI illumination available for the first time now across Orascoptic's range of loupe-mounted LED headlights. TruColor yields a CRI of 90+ which enables Orascoptic headlight systems to render colors as close as possible to natural sunlight, providing a higher level of color accuracy without diminishing brightness. Be confident that you are seeing the complete picture of your patient's health with the headlight your eye deserves.


What is CRI?

Color Rendering Index is an industry standard measurement of color accuracy in LED headlights. Higher CRI lights yield more accurate color rendering. By comparison, most other loupe headlights on the market exhibit CRI values in the 70s. Natural sunlight scores at the maximum 100 in the CRI index. 

TruColor benefits: 

  • Breakthrough color rendering 
  • More natural, accurate reds, yellows and whites
  • Identify tissue colors, match shades 
  • CRI > 90 vs. current standard of ~70


Leading with Innovation: 

TruColor represents a fundamental leap forward in loupe illumination technology. Through relentless research and development of its optical design, Orascoptic has unlocked this spectrum of colors without compromising other important lighting performance features. TruColor headlights deliver breakthrough color rendering with no degradation in light output, spot uniformity or battery run time. TruColor is yet another example of how Orascoptic leads the industry in innovation. 

Orascoptic loupes have already been proven to deliver industry-leading scores in optical clarity, as measured by resolution and light transmission through the loupe optics. With the addition of breakthrough color rendering to our product portfolio, Orascoptic is proud to enable surgeons, dentists, hygienists and other medical professionals to more accurately visualize the work they perform. Clarity is better in TruColor. 

See the difference for yourself. 

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