Yesterday we were a company that made loupes. Today we are a group of people with optical knowledge worried about our healthcare providers.


We want to pivot our remaining resources to building and delivering custom prescription glasses with side shields and large areas lenses to healthcare providers in ERs and ICUs.  At no cost.  

At this time, we've exhausted our supply of 500 free pairs of eyewear with side shields.  We have been overwhelmed by the response and are working to deliver those who have made the requests.  We are working to scale our production so we can provide more at a low cost to clinicians.  Join the waitlist by clicking on the link below.

Order Prescription Eyewear

CDC guidelines recommend a full-face shield or goggles to protect from Coronavirus respiratory droplets entering the eyes.  This is the best protection! However, in cases where HCPs cannot wear a visor or goggles, either due to shortages or operational constraints, we hope they will have some type of protection in front of their eyes. 

We have a factory here in Wisconsin full of parts for building great loupes.  We want to put that to use instead to protect healthcare providers at the front lines of the battle against Covid-19.

Not an ICU or ER HCP in a COVID-19 impacted hospital?  You can help us find them. We have a limited supply of components and hope to get this protective eyewear to those most in need.  If you know of a doctor or nurse working in an ER, ICU or other urgent care facility impacted by Coronavirus, please forward this message to them.   


How Do I Protect My Eyes?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends eye protection for a variety of potential exposure settings where workers may be at risk of acquiring infectious diseases via eye exposure. Types of recommended eye protection include: face shields, goggles and safety glasses. Healthcare workers should be aware that regular prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses are not considered eye protection.

What Should I Do When Eye Protection is Limited?

As guidance, the CDC has outlined a series of options to optimize supplies of eye protection in healthcare settings when there is limited supply during surge capacity.  Three general strata, of increasing scarcity, have been used to describe surge capacity: conventional, contingency and crisis.

During the crisis capacity strategy, the CDC recommends to:

  • Consider using safety glasses that have extensions to cover the side of the eyes.
  • Use eye protection devices beyond the manufacturer-designated shelf life during patient care activities.
  • Prioritize eye protection for selected activities (i.e. where splashes and sprays are anticipated).

You can learn more about the CDC’s strategies for optimizing the supply of eye protection here: 

How to Disinfect your Eyewear

Orascoptic recommends CaviCide™, which is the solution used to impregnate CaviWipes™, to disinfect your eyewear.  CaviCide has an EPA-registered label claim against Human Coronavirus.  Metrex, the company which manufactures CaviCide,  has recently performed an efficacy study on CaviWipes against the SARS-associated Human Coronavirus in a third-party test lab. According to the study report, the study results passed the Viricidal Hard Surface Efficacy Test by exceeding a 3-log/99.9% reduction of the virus. However, this study result has not yet been reviewed or approved by the US EPA.

*As of the date of this writing, there is currently no EPA recognized test protocol to evaluate disinfection efficacy against the specific novel coronavirus virus strain, SARS-CoV-2(Secure Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2), which causes COVID-19(Coranavirus Disease 2019). Therefore, there is no EPA-registered surface disinfectant that bares a label claim against SARS-CoV-2

Who is Orascoptic? 

Orascoptic is a sister company of Nobel Biocare, and is part of Envista, a group of companies parting with dental and medical professionals to improve lives.  Orascoptic has been a pioneer in the medical vision industry for over 35 years, designing award-winning loupes (surgical, dental, hygiene) and headlights.

With a legacy of advanced product performance and clinician-first features we continue to set the benchmark for quality craftsmanship, innovation, and durability.

In order to help ensure the best procedural outcomes for patients and clinicians, it is our vision that every healthcare procedure will be performed with superior visualization and under the best ergonomic conditions for the healthcare professional.

*Free prescription eyewear offer only valid until April 28th or while supplies last.