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Two Dates | Two Great Topics!

Presented by: Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP

Wednesday, September 29th | 7pm CST:  'Oh My Aching Neck –Why the Digital Epidemic is the Elephant in the Room'

No one ever said practicing dental hygiene would be easy, but the origin of upper body aches and pains is not all work related. The impact activities outside of the clinical setting is often ignored or underappreciated and no one is talking about it. Understanding how today's digital lifestyles impact our overall health can be a critical step in preventing unnecessary and unwanted injuries.


Wednesday, October 20th | 7pm CST:  'Frame first – A strategic step-by-step approach to creating a harmonious workspace'

A healthy working environment includes tools and spaces that allow a worker to perform tasks safely. Many clinical dental hygienists have limited input regarding the physical configuration of the workspace. This is where the science of ergonomics can help us prevent needless injuries.

The needs of the individual clinician are critical. Healthy postures come from using carefully designed products that are correctly fitted. Customization is the key. The first step is selecting the right frame that fits the user’s facial geometry. The second step is creating custom set of loupes using detailed measurements that match the clinical environment.

Clinicians armed with custom magnification and illumination devices work in greater comfort and can now shift their focus to patient care and tweaking the rest of the clinical environment to support their physical needs.

  • Understand how the frame lays the foundation for properly fitted loupes
  • Appreciate advancements in product materials, optical quality, and lighting technologies
  • Learn why reaching and room layout are critical
  • Discover the synergy between magnification, illumination, and healthy seating


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Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP is a visionary thinker. Anne’s WHY began back in 1971. She simply wanted to know what worked best for each patient. As her curiosity grew, so did her passion for sharing information. Anne’s global thinking resulted in numerous accolades for mentoring, research, and guiding her profession. 

Anne is a highly sought-after international speaker, prolific author, and RDH Magazine feature writer and a recognized expert on the oral microbiome and pathogenic biofilms, salivary dysfunction, cariology and erosive tooth wear, ergonomics, and employment law matters. 

Despite her accomplishments, Anne’s clinician heart is always focused on making clinical practice better, easier, and more rewarding. In 2015 she was awarded the CSP, the National Speakers Association’s highest earned credential. In 2020, Anne founded the Out Of The Box Learning Academy, with the goal of creating and sharing current scientific concepts that are clinically applicable. 

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