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Loupe + Light

Up Your Game While Reducing Pain.

You use loupes to see better, save time, and prioritize ergonomics. But some loupes come with added challenges - heavy frames, tangled cords, and complicated set ups.

Enter, Dragonfly PRO. With a light integrated into the frame, the hidden batteries strategically counterbalance weight on the nose, resulting in a cordless, cohesive loupe + light system that saves you time, money, and pain.


Why Take Flight?

Icon Battery Rechargable-1

Battery Run-Time

3 hrs. 45 min. - 6 hrs. per set
3 set included

Icon Paint Brush-2


Four stylish colors to choose from.


Light Intensity

High: 78 Lumens  Low: 49 Lumens



Available in all magnification levels.

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*Dragonfly reduces weight on the nose bridge by as much as 30% compared to traditional loupes.
*Orascoptic loupes are proven to improve speed and efficiency. 
This offer is available to professional practicing clinicians in the United Kingdom and is not applicable with other offers or on previous purchases. Offer ends Wednesday, July 31, 2024. Orascoptic is located at 6650 Ronald Reagan Ave, Madison, WI 53704 United States.