Student and Resident Loupe Buying Guide

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We know the loupe buying process can be overwhelming. We understand that there’s lots of options to choose from and from your point of view, all the loupes might look pretty similar. In our Student/Resident Buying Guide, we break down some of the main differences and other tips to help you find your perfect loupe.

In the Student/Resident Buying Guide, you'll find:

  • Results of our third-party lab testing
  • Testimonials from your peers
  • Our innovations
  • The benefits of detail at a distance
  • Orascoptic's optic selection
  • Orascoptic's frame selection
  • Orascoptic's headlight selection featuring TruColor
  • Special incentives for students


Download the complimentary Student/Resident Buying Guide today, and get a head start toward finding the loupe that operates as an extension of you!

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