For a limited time, purchase both an RDH EliteEdge™ Loupe and Endeavour TruColor™ light for only £1,295 + VAT.

Discover Orascoptic's first loupe with a singular focus on the dental hygiene industry. Don't miss out!

As a hygienist or dental therapist, you know the earlier you can detect areas of concern, such as cavities and small fractures, the better the outcome.

Hear from one dental hygienist how she was able to perform her best work with improved ergonomics and increased working distance using Orascoptic's innovative loupes and headlights.

Offer valid until 29th December 2021 to registered Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists in the United Kingdom.

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DHDT Student
Mohini Mistry

"“I first heard about Orascoptic™ loupes when I was working as a dental nurse and have only ever heard good things about them! I knew that when I would eventually start doing dental hygiene and therapy, I’d 100% be getting myself a pair. I’ve been amazed with how much of an improvement I’ve seen, and felt, in my posture as well as clinical skill when using the Orascoptic™ loupes.”